SPECIAL Movie Report: Recapping Comic-Con 2018

Despite heavy hitters like Star Wars and Marvel not appearing at this year’s Comic-Con, the annual event still stormed the industry this week with plenty of movie news.


This year’s Comic-Con was practically dominated by Warner Bros., with its partner DC putting out plenty of material during its presentation.

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REVIEW: ‘Homecoming’ Is The Best ‘Spider-Man’ Movie In Years

After a failed attempt at a franchise with “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies, Sony Pictures decided to give the webslinging super hero another chance on the big screen. This time around, though, the film takes place in the Marvel universe already familiar to audiences thanks to “The Avengers.”

The film picks up shortly after the events of “Captain America: Civil War,” where Spider-Man (Tom Holland) helped Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in trying to apprehend Steve Rogers. Following that venture, Spider-Man returns to his life as the teenager Peter Parker and attempts to balance his life as New York City’s newer super hero while also attending high school.

While this is taking place, another character, Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) is knee-deep in an underground weapons business where he sells arms that have been recovered from previous battle sites. Because this is also taking place in New York, Spider-Man soon finds out about the business. However, as the situation includes high-class weaponry, Stark advises Parker to not investigate the matter further.

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The Amazing Spider-man review

Marc Webb
Andrew Garfield
Emma Stone
Rhys Ifans
Dennis Leary
Martin Sheen
Sally Field
Rated: Rated: PG-13

A retelling, reboot, remake, recycled, it’s every “re” you can think of.

The film follows Peter Parker’s origin story beginning when he was a young boy, when his parents suddenly had to go away and leave him with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. The story then picks up to where Peter is a teenager in high school, having to deal with the average everyday problems. That is until he sneaks into a science lab to uncover answers about his parents who used to work there and is bitten by a genetically enhanced spider.

After this he begins getting new powers like heightened speed and strength as well as the ability to walk on walls. Meanwhile, one of the scientists at the facility, Dr. Connors (Ifans), who worked with Peter’s father, is working on a way to replace his lost arm by DNA splicing with that of a lizard. At the same time, Peter’s uncle is shot and killed by a robber; this sets Peter off on a quest of revenge, getting a costume and everything to go after the criminal. The two plots of Dr. Connors and Peter who has become Spiderman eventually meet as the two become the most powerful things in New York City.

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