Robin Williams’ death: A loss that spans generations

One of my first experiences at a movie theater was watching “Aladdin” on the big screen in 1992.

It was great not only because it was a fantastic movie to watch, but also because it opened the door for me to Robin Williams, an actor who would make some of the best movies that I would see in my childhood.

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Top 10 Best Movies of 2013

Honorable mentions:
Before Midnight
Lone Survivor
Monsters University
The Conjuring
The World’s End
This is the End
Pacific Rim
Man of Steel

10. “The Wolf of Wall Street”
Martin Scorsese’s latest movie was not without its flaws. The film went on a tad too long, coming in at a full three hours, and it could have used some focus on other characters. Still, this was a really well made film by Scorsese and the performances by both Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill were fantastic.

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A farewell to

It’s an end of an era. It’s an end to a chapter in my life. It’s the end of

For those who don’t know what the site is, who have never heard of the site and never visited, let me inform you a bit on what was.

Spill is, at least until the end of December, a website created by an Austin, Texas, based film critic named Korey Coleman. Coleman, along with four other Austin area film critics started working together well over six years ago and posted various content about film on the web.

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Blockbuster closing and video rental memories

I grew up in a small Midwestern town with a population between 5,000 and 7,000 people. A blockbuster store never showed up in that town, instead we had small community video rental stores. No matter what type of rental store was in any community, though, mine or yours, from huge corporate to locally owned rental spots, the memories remain the same.

To start off with, some have discussed how they are happy to see Blockbuster go down. The fact is, many local video rentals were in fact forced out by the large video rental chain. However, this isn’t what this column is about. In the end, Blockbuster was fighting the same battle that every video rental store is fighting. And with the latest blow, the remaining blockbuster stores closing, it represents the last of a group of warriors falling in battle.

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