April – May 2014 Mini Reviews

The Other Woman: 1 out of 5
There are so many flaws with this movie, and listing them is probably the easiest thing to do. The humor is all below average and offers nothing really clever, Leslie Mann’s character is annoying and comes off as unbelievable, Kate Upton’s character is a waste of time and probably could have been written out of the whole picture and Nicki Minaj can’t act. Unlike “The First Wives Club,” this is just a dumb comedy without any charm.

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February 2014 Mini Reviews

RoboCop – 2 out of 5
The remake of the 80s remake was just OK. For an action movie with a sci-fi element, it’s not bad, but it lacks the over-the-topness and R rating that made the first one such a fun flick. On top of that, the movie spent a little too much time on the main character training and not enough time on the streets of Detroit. The movie did get a good boost from the acting of Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman and Jackie Earle Haley, though. Plus, Samuel L. Jackson added a fun element.

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January 2014 Mini Reviews

Devil’s Due – 0.5 out of 5
Probably the laziest and an early candidate for worst movie of 2014. Every bit of so called horror this movie tries to shove in your face has been seen before in the “Paranormal Activity” series. On top of that, the plot just stumbles along without ever really having a structure making for a confusing story that in the end never really goes anywhere. On top of that, the performances were terrible.

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January 2013 Mini-Reviews

Texas Chainsaw 3D – 1 out of 5
This movie to me, basically ruins the lore of the original film from 1974. They give the Sawyer family, the psychopaths all of this backstory and history that just doesn’t blend with what the original film did. The only reason I didn’t give this a 0.5 is because at the very least they tried something a little different, the problem is that what they tried was just bad.

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September 2012 Mini Reviews

Premium Rush – High 2 out of 5
If Stallone hadn’t already used the title “Over the Top” for one of his movies, it would have been a perfect fit for this flick. Everything about “Premium Rush” is over exaggerated, the acting and the action feels like it’s out of a cartoon. What helps the film is that it felt like it knew that it was over the top, the movie had a tounge-in-cheek attitude which made it fun and humorous. Unfortunately, the film ran just a bit too long and the story and characters didn’t have enough depth to sustain it.

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September 2011 Mini-Reviews

Shark Night 3D – 1 out of 5
This film had one mistake that made it trip over itself at every level. It advertised itself as the next Piranha 3D, butĀ unlike that film, it was only rated PG-13. This hindered it. Without the over the top sex and violence which made the other film actually enjoyable, it fell flat.

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May 2011 Mini Reviews

Water for Elephants: 2 out of 5
Water for Elephants started out fairly promising. It used a premise similar to Titanic using flashbacks to tell the story. The performances were fine, especially from Christoph Waltz. The real downfall of the film was the climax. It just seemed really improbable and too nicely wrapped up. I was very underwhelmed by the end.

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