REVIEW: Ambitious ‘Babylon’ ends up being an obnoxious dud

Director Damien Chazelle’s last three movies have either ended up on my top 10 of the year lists, or an honorable mention.

His latest film, though, will likely end on 2022’s worst of the year list.

“Babylon” tracks the careers of three characters in Hollywood during the late 1920s and early 30s. Jack (Brad Pitt) is an experienced performer, Nellie (Margot Robbie) is a new actress on the scene and Manny (Diego Calva) is a person doing odd jobs as he works his way up the studio ladder.

The movie shows how their careers are impacted by drugs, the extravagance of the roaring 20s and the shift in Hollywood from silent films to talkies.

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Monday Movie Report: Topics expected at CinemaCon 2019

CinemaCon, an event organized by the National Association of Theatre Owners, is taking place this week and some recent news will likely be on the agenda.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the event running from April 1-4 will feature footage for upcoming movies as well as several exhibits regarding the industry. Additionally, THR reports that Disney Studios Chair and CEO Alan Horn will make a presentation Wednesday about the company’s purchase of 20th Century Fox.

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REVIEW: ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ without the magic

What a disappointment.

After several decades, the character Mary Poppins has finally returned to the big screen. The new film with the iconic character takes place several years after the original, but follows some of the main characters. The Banks siblings, Jane (Emily Mortimer) and Michael (Ben Whishaw), are now grown and Michael has children of their own.

However, times are tough again for the family, as Michael’s wife has passed away and bills are piling up. In fact, Michael’s financial troubles lead to the possibility of him losing the house. Because of all the difficulties, Poppins (Emily Blunt) arrives again to help get things back on track.

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Special Movie Report: Gotham Awards, National Board of Review honors announced

Award season is in full swing.

Last night the Independent Filmmaker Project’s Gotham Awards, which exclusively honors indie movies and low-budget productions took place. Today, meanwhile, the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures organization announced its best picks in film from 2018.

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10 Years of Horror: Looking back at 2015-2017

It’s the final day for the month of spook, Halloween has finally arrived.

As previously stated in the past few pieces I’ve written, I’m looking back at some of my favorite horror movies from the past 10 years, as I’ve been reviewing for about a decade. Here are the picks from 2015-2017.

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Monday Movie Report: ‘Green Book’ wins big at Toronto film fest

The comedy drama “Green Book” secured itself as an award season contender this weekend, winning top honors at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film, directed by Peter Farrelly, won the Grolsch People’s Choice Audience Award. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Green Book” took the top spot, while director Barry Jenkins’ “If Beale Street Could Talk” earned runner-up. Jenkins’ 2016 film “Moonlight” went on to win the Best Picture Oscar.

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Monday Movie Report: Emma Watson joins star-studded ‘Little Women’ cast

A new adaptation of the book “Little Women” has swapped Emma Stone for Emma Watson.

According to Empire Magazine, Stone, an Oscar winner for her work in “La La Land,” had to leave the project because of scheduling issues. As a result, the film has attached Emma Watson to take her place in the same role.

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REVIEW: James Franco’s Acting, Directing Is On Point In ‘the Disaster Artist’

If commentaries and special behind the scenes features show anything, it’s that the process of making a movie can be a story in itself. That’s even true for what’s been dubbed by some as the worst movie ever made, “The Room.”

“The Disaster Artist” tells that very story. The movie opens in the late 90s from the perspective of Greg Sestero (Dave Franco), a young actor trying to find a way to get his big break. During one of his acting classes, Greg meets Tommy Wiseau (James Franco), an odd man who seems to have no fear when it comes to performing. Greg, impressed by how Tommy is fearless in his acting, decides to strike up a friendship. After the two becomes friends, Greg soon learns that Tommy is mysteriously rich.

As a result of Tommy’s wealth, the two are able to move to Hollywood to try and get into the film industry. However, the effort becomes fruitless after a while. As a result, Tommy decides to just make a movie on his own with Greg as one of the top actors. Because Tommy has seemingly no experience or talent in writing, directing and acting, though, the filmmaking process doesn’t exactly go smoothly.

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REVIEW: A True Delight, ‘La La Land’ Is 2016’s Most Charming Film

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, who’ve co-starred before, reunite on screen for “La La Land,” which is arguably the best movie of their careers.

A true love letter to old Hollywood, “La La Land” kicks off by telling the story of Mia (Stone), an aspiring actress in Los Angeles. The key word is aspiring, as Mia is unable to catch attention in her auditions. Gosling, meanwhile, plays Sebastian who’s also a hopeful artist.

Sebastian is a pianist who’s all about jazz music and has a goal of opening a jazz club. Eventually, the two characters meet, a relationship develops and the film explores the effect it has on their dreams.

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REVIEW: ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ Falls Apart Because Of Scattered Story, Lack Of Focus

Director/Writer Warren Beatty took audiences to 1950s Hollywood in this period piece with a focus on billionaire Howard Hughes.

The film tells the story of two young residents of Los Angeles, Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich) who works as a driver for Hughes and Maria Mabrey (Lily Collins), who the billionaire has hired as an actress in Hollywood.

As the film develops, both characters meet Hughes (played by Beatty) and the movie displays how the billionaire influences the directions of their lives and their relationship.

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