Oscar Docs: A look at the nominees

One of the nice things about the Academy Awards is it shines a spotlight on movies some people haven’t seen.

More often than not, documentaries end up in that category, as they usually lack theatrical releases. As usual, five docs were nominated for the gold statue and I managed to see all of them. Here’s my takeaway.

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Oscar Docs: A Look at the Nominees

Another award season has come and gone, with several movies now nominated for the biggest honor in Hollywood. Five of those movies are documentary features and this year, I managed to see all of the nominees.

With my major disappointment that “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” (sort of) behind me, here’s my take on the documentaries nominated for an Oscar.

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Oscar Docs: A Look At The Front-Runners “13th” And “Made In America”

The Academy Award for Best Documentary has five nominees, but the competition has more or less narrowed to two.

The pair of candidates includes “13th” and “O.J.: Made in America.” In both films, race is a central matter that’s deeply explored and well connected to their respective core subjects.

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