Monday Movie Report: ‘Flash’ production delayed

Production on the standalone “Flash” movie has been delayed by Warner Bros.

According to Variety, WB is pushing back production of the film, which was to follow the speedy hero after the events of “The Justice League.” Variety reports that while the movie didn’t have a set release date, the expectation was to shoot in March 2019.

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Monday Movie Report: Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker revealed, ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer debuts

Fans and audiences were treated to an early look at the upcoming Joker-based film starring Joaquin Phoenix recently.

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REVIEW: ‘Teen Titans’ on the big screen is plenty of fun

It’s no secret that Hollywood today is mostly dominated by films adapted from comic books featuring superheroes. And while most of the films in the genre have been above average lately, it remains a category of movies ripe for comedy.

Enter “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies,” which spends nearly its entire hour and 30 minute runtime taking aim at superhero films, mostly under the DC Comics banner. For the most part, it ends up being a success.

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SPECIAL Movie Report: Recapping Comic-Con 2018

Despite heavy hitters like Star Wars and Marvel not appearing at this year’s Comic-Con, the annual event still stormed the industry this week with plenty of movie news.


This year’s Comic-Con was practically dominated by Warner Bros., with its partner DC putting out plenty of material during its presentation.

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Summer 2008: Looking back at the two films that changed cinema

Ten years ago yesterday, “The Dark Knight” was released to theaters across the country.

It was the second of two films released in the 2008 summer season that changed the world of cinema. That other movie was “Iron Man,” released May 2, 2008.

While both films have had a major impact on the world of film, though, their legacies are quite different.

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Monday Movie Report: Comic-Con 2018 Preview

San Diego Comic-Con might seem light this year with no “Avengers” or “Star Wars.” However, there are plenty of movie-related panels and presentations to keep fans in California, and across the world, invested.

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Monday Movie Report: DC Entertainment experiencing leadership shift

DC Entertainment is experiencing a shakeup lately, with its president and chief creative officer both leaving their roles.

According to Variety, both DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns are both stepping away from their current titles.

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REVIEW: ‘Justice League’ Never Rises Above Average

If “Justice League” had come out roughly 10 to 15 years ago, it may be considered a better super hero film.

However, with the existence of the Marvel series, the Nolan “Batman” films and even attempts such as what FOX has done with “Logan” and “Deadpool,” “Justice League” largely pales in comparison.

For a bit of a refresher, “Justice League” comes after the events of “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Superman is now dead and as a result, Batman (Ben Affleck) begins noticing an uptick in strange creatures causing havoc. It’s soon discovered that these creatures are appearing because of Steppenwolf, an ancient alien with conquest on his mind.

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REVIEW: ‘Wonder Woman’ Joins The Greats In The Superhero Genre

After a few strikeouts, DC Comics has hit it out of the park with its latest cinematic endeavor, “Wonder Woman.”

While the titular character had already been introduced in last year’s “Batman V Superman,” this film goes in depth to show how Wonder Woman became who she is. The film starts with the superhero, named Diana (Gal Gadot) growing up on an isolated island of Amazons, where she’s trains to prepare for the possible return of the God of War, Ares.

One day on the island, war comes to her, though, as an American pilot crashes in the surrounding waters. The pilot, named Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), informs the Amazons of World War I and his mission to help stop a doomsday weapon that could kill many more people. Diana, believing the war to be the work of Ares, decides to join Steve on his mission and help put a stop to the Great War.

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REVIEW: Poor Pacing, Editing Ruin ‘Batman V Superman’s’ Attempt At Greatness

The fists certainly fly in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but audiences have to wait a while for that to happen in this comic book flick.

The film’s first main scene takes place during the Superman vs. Zod battle that wrecked much of Metropolis in “Man of Steel.” This time around, though, the combat is seen through Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) eyes. Bruce sees the damage caused by the alien battle and immediately views him as a threat. From there, Wayne’s alter ego decides to go after the Man of Steel.

Meanwhile, another billionaire, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eiseberg) has his own problems with Superman, and he also starts scheming against the hero. Even the government sees a problem with Superman as he continues to interfere with human engagements, which puts more pressure on the hero’s alter ego, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill). All of the mistrust in the movie is like a pot ready to boil over.

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