Fast and Furious 6 review

Justin Lin
Vin Diesel
Dwayne Johnson
Paul Walker
Michelle Rodriguez
Tyrese Gibson
Rated: PG-13

With the stuff some of the characters survive in this flick you would think they were super humans.

“Fast and Furious 6” is the latest installment of the now over decade long franchise. In this film, a dangerous, highly trained criminal named Shaw, played by Luke Evans, is after a weapon system worth billions. DSS agent Hobbs (Johnson) is after Shaw and requests the help of Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and his crew, not only because the crew is one of the best but also because Hobbs has information that Toretto’s old girlfriend Letty (Rodriguez) could still be alive.

With that, the crew from the past films are re-united and face down their toughest threat ever. This time the villains bring along tanks and other heavy weapons that the crew has to take down.

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Hit and Run review

Dax Shepard
Dax Shepard
Kristen Bell
Bradley Cooper
Tom Arnold
Rated: R

So Dax Shepard wrote, directed and starred in this film. He’s the real whole package, only problem is that what’s in the package isn’t very good.

“Hit and Run” follows the story of a man in witness protection who was once a getaway driver named Charlie Bronson (Shepard). Charlie is in a relationship with a woman named Annie (Bell) who doesn’t know everything about his past being involved with robberies.

One day Annie finds out she can get a better job at a University, however it would be in Los Angeles, where Charlie could be in danger.

Charlie however decides to bring Annie to LA anyways, yet one of the people who he testified against finds out and goes after him.

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