REVIEW: ‘Bad Boys For Life’ is a forgettable sequel

For more than a decade, “Bad Boys For Life” was more like “Bad Boys in Development Hell.” While the third movie in the series has finally arrived, though, it isn’t exactly worth the wait.

“Bad Boys 3,” as it should’ve been called, picks up with Marcus (Martin Lawrence) and Mike (Will Smith) still working in the Miami Police Department. However, Marcus is preparing for a well-deserved retirement. Mike isn’t all too happy with the news, but before either of them can hash the subject out further, a new threat enters the picture.

A Mexican family is looking to take revenge on a group of individuals in Miami responsible for taking down a crime empire. One of those individuals just happens to be Mike. As a result, Mike and Marcus once again have to team up against dangerous criminals.

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REVIEW: ‘Stuber’ is a trip that won’t earn high ratings

Another summer buddy cop flick is upon us and unfortunately, “Stuber” doesn’t take a spot on the top shelf of the genre.

Nanjiani plays Stu in the picture, a guy working a dead-end job at a sporting good store who moonlights as an Uber driver. While he does his best to accommodate passengers, Stu seems to have trouble attaining the elusive five star rating. Meanwhile, police officer Vic (Bautista), recently had eye surgery and should be resting, but gets a tip on solving a case he’s been working on for years.

Because he can’t drive with with his recovering eye-sight, he orders an Uber and Stu just happens to be his ride. While the two have trouble getting along, Vic’s case ropes them both into a situation where they have to work together to survive and take down a crime kingpin.

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REVIEW: ‘Happytime Murders’ is a contender for worst of 2018

The concept of “The Happy Time Murders” was introduced around 2008 and over the next decade, the movie idea wandered in development hell. With its release this weekend, maybe it should’ve stayed there.

“The Happytime Murders” takes place in a world where puppets exist and live among humans. The film focuses on Phil, a puppet who after leaving the Los Angeles Police Department, became a private detective. In his latest investigation, he comes across a larger case than he expected.

Phil (Bill Barretta) soon learns that there are murders taking place, with the victims being cast members of a popular TV show. Even more significant is that Phil was very close with some of the cast. As he starts investigating, he’s forced to work with his former police partner, Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy).

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Let’s Be Cops review

Steve Quale
Matt Walsh
Sarah Wayne Callies
Richard Armitage
Max Deacon
Nathan Kress
Rated: PG-13

Ryan (Johnson) and Justin (Wayans) are a couple of guys pushing 30 who are trying to make it living in Los Angeles, but don’t appear to be going anywhere in life. Justin isn’t making progress as a game developer and Ryan is still trying to ride the success of a commercial he starred in.

One night when the two are preparing to go to a costume party, they decide to dress as cops. It all comes off as fun to the two buddies as people actually believe they are from law enforcement, however, things take a turn for the worse when real officers and the mob think they are police, too.

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REVIEW: ’22 Jump Street’

Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Jonah Hill
Channing Tatum
Ice Cube
Peter Stormare
Rated: R

The comedic chemistry of Hill and Tatum is back in “22 Jump Street” and this time they take on the whole idea of a sequel.

The sequel to the 2012 film continues right after the first one ended. Hill and Tatum, playing undercover cops Schmidt and Jenko once again have trouble out in the field and their police chief decides to send them back to the Jump Street Unit.

There, Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) gives the two the same type of case as last time, where they have to find the dealer and the supplier of a new drug, but this time, it’s on a college campus.

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2 Guns review

Baltasar Kormakur
Cast: R
Denzel Washington
Mark Wahlberg
Paula Patton
Bill Paxton

Denzel Washington sure did make a nicer partner to work with here than in “Training Day.”

Director Baltasar Kormakur’s new film “2 Guns” follows a pair of men, Bobby (Washinton) and Stig (Wahlberg), who appear at first glance to be criminals. The two decide to rob a bank and after they do, it’s discovered that both aren’t who they said they were.

Bobby turns out to be a DEA agent and Stig happens to be a naval intelligence officer. To make matters worse, they find out that the money they stole, both doing so as part of their own investigations, turns out to belong to crooked members of the CIA. The lead CIA agent, Earl (Paxton) is now after the both of them, as well as other forces out to get the money they took.

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RIPD review

Robert Schwentke
Jeff Bridges
Ryan Reynolds
Kevin Bacon
Mary-Louise Parker
Stephanie Szostak
Rated: PG-13

One positive aspect of the movie? It was only an hour and a half.

“R.I.P.D.” follows the story of Boston cop Nick (Reynolds) who one day gets killed in the line of duty. His soul is then immediately sent to a heavenly police station and is told by the chief played by Mary-Louise Parker that he has skills that they could use.

Nick is then officially made an officer for the Rest in Peace Department and is partnered with a man named Roy (Bridges) who died in the days of the wild west.

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The Heat review

Paul Feig
Sandra Bullock
Melissa McCarthy
Marlon Wayans
Michael Rapaport
Rated: R

The first female buddy cop movie! It would be really ground breaking if it wasn’t like every other buddy cop film out there.

“The Heat” stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Bullock plays an FBI agent named Ashburn, who does everything completely by the books. Her latest case brings her to the streets of Boston where she meets Mullins (McCarthy), a cop who is the complete opposite of Ashburn, being a total loose cannon.

The case that the two have to work on involves having to stop some type of crime lord from doing some type of shipment. However, for these two, working together seems nearly impossible.

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