Ranking the MCU: The Powers

In continuing my look back at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I wanted to throw together a ranking of the powers shown by the heroes, from my own perspective. Like my other lists, this one is just for fun, so it’s not serious and it isn’t a ranking of who’s stronger. Just my own thoughts on what I like better.

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Ranking the MCU: The Uniforms

I’m counting down the days to “Avengers Endgame” and in the lead-up, ranking a few things about the series. So, here’s a look at my thoughts on the various uniforms worn by both the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and a couple others.

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Tony Stark: A character arc for the ages

Outside of Rocky Balboa and Anakin Skywalker from “Star Wars,” few characters have had as much screentime to grow and change as Tony Stark.

Of course there’s the obvious point of how Stark, played throughout the series by Robert Downey Jr., went from being a smart but rather selfish businessman to being a person who helps protect the world. however, the journey the character takes and the lessons learned are very layered and interesting to look at.

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REVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel’ soars in first film

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than the locomotive. I’m talking about Captain Marvel, of course.

The latest film from Marvel just so happens to feature a hero named Captain Marvel. Her real name is Carol Danvers, though, and she’s portrayed by Academy Award winner Brie Larson. The film picks up with her living on a planet controlled by the Kree, a powerful alien empire. She’s commonly referred to with the name Vers and is a member of the Kree special ops squad, Starforce.

In the first act, it’s established that Vers doesn’t remember anything before she became a member of Starforce. However, she remains focused on her mission, which is to fight against Skrulls, another alien race perceived as terrorists by the Kree. Through a series of events, that mission eventually leads her to Earth, where she meets SHIELD Agent Nick Fury. Witnessing the Skrull situation, Fury decides to partner with Vers and the two work together on the mission. In doing so, the protagonist learns more about her past.

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Movie trailers with Super Bowl LIII

Over the course of a thrilling (?) 13-3 victory in the Super Bowl by the New England Patriots over the Los Angeles Rams, movie studios took time during the commercial breaks to push upcoming features. In between action on the field, previews for several films were broadcast over the airwaves.

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Monday Movie Report: Early predictions for 2019 box office

Marvel has to be happy about this news.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the company Atom Tickets has ranked “Avengers: Endgame” as the most anticipated movie of 2019. Deadline reports that the social movie ticketing app conducted a survey which found the fourth “Avengers,” “Captain Marvel,” “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and “Toy Story 4” as the films audiences are most excited for.

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2018 Summer Movie Awards

Summer 2018 is coming to a close and there were some really good flicks that came out in the past several months. However, these movies might not get recognition during award season.

Now, that could always change with the Academy’s supposed Popular Film category that’s right around the corner. But still, I like giving my own form of awards to the movies of summer.

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REVIEW: Third ‘Avengers’ Is A Stunningly Well Made Feature

In 2012, the folks behind Marvel managed to put together numerous superheroes in one film and made it all work in “The Avengers.” This time around, in “Infinity War,” they use a lot of that same formula on a much bigger scale and even though there’s so much more going on, it still fires on all cylinders.

The latest “Avengers” takes place directly after the events of last year’s movie “Thor: Ragnarok.” In fact, the opening of “Infinity War” was even teased in “Ragnarok.” We soon find out that Thor (Chris Hemsworth), along with his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) are under siege by the powerful character Thanos (Josh Brolin).

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Avengers: Age of Ultron review

Joss Whedon
Robert Downey Jr.
Chris Hemsworth
Mark Ruffalo
Chris Evans
Scarlett Johansson
Jeremy Renner
James Spader
Samuel L. Jackson
Rated: PG-13

In 2012 “The Dark Knight Rises” was released and while it was good, it didn’t live up to its predecessor, “The Dark Knight.” “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is in a similar position.

In the sequel to the 2012 superhero team-up flick, the audience finds the Avengers group traveling the world, defeating the evil organization Hydra and searching for a powerful weapon the villain of the first film used. Upon retrieving said artifact, though, Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., has a terrible vision caused by a new foe.

To prevent this vision from becoming a reality, Stark decides to change the future and create an artificial intelligence system, called Ultron, to protect the Earth. His invention backfires, though, as Ultron deems humanity a threat and decides to take action, leaving it up to the Avengers to stop the mechanical menace.

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