REVIEW: ‘Nobody’ is a total blast

Bob Odenkirk may not have the look of an action hero, especially at the start of this movie. But he sure does prove that he fits the role over this film.

Odenkirk plays Hutch in “Nobody,” a family man with a wife and two kids who works a typical 8-5 job. As the film opens, the audience finds Hutch in a dull routine of taking the bus to work, getting through a shift, coming home and having to deal with a marriage that’s faltering.

We find out early on, though, that before having a straightforward, middle class life, Hutch had ties to the government. It becomes apparent after a home invasion that Hutch didn’t just work for the government, he was actually an elite operative. Wanting to unleash some anger after the home break in, Hutch decides to go out one night and conduct some vigilante justice. However, in doing so, he just happens to piss off a Russian mob leader.

“Nobody” is an action comedy that absolutely nails both genres. The comedy is wonderfully sharp and witty. From situational humor involving the lead characters to laugh-producing lines delivered by the cast, “Nobody” succeeds in maintaining an amusing atmosphere.

The action, meanwhile, is really great to watch. The battles are brutal and graphic, yet they’re shot and edited in a way where the action feels more over-the-top, which holds the non-serious tone.

It’s an intense, yet entertaining action that works for movies like this and is reminiscent of other action comedies, such as 2007’s “Shoot em Up.”

What really makes a lot of this movie work is Odenkkirk, who’s spot on in this role as the man with an elite set of skills. His ability to do deadpan comedy powers many of the humorous scenes, especially one where he’s explaining his backstory to a few of his foes in the second act.

Courtesy Universal Pictures, Perfect World Pictures and 87North Productions.

At the same time, Odenkirk also makes his character’s rage and fury that’s boiling underneath the calm exterior completely believable, and it really helps an audience become even more invested in the action sequences.

The supporting cast is solid, too. While not the most memorable villain, Aleksei Serebryakov fits the role of the Russian mobster nicely. Christopher Lloyd, meanwhile, is great in the role of Hutch’s dad, who’s also a retired FBI agent.

Plenty of credit has to go to director Ilya Naishuller and the technical crew, too. Commendable work was done in putting the film together, with tight editing and well done choreography to create engaging martial art battles and gun fights. There’s even a fantastic car chase in the movie to boot.

“Nobody” is a total blast for audiences. It has a plethora of great action segments and plenty of comedy in between. 4.5 out of 5.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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