REVIEW: ‘Babysitter’ sequel is a disappointment

The first “Babysitter” certainly left things open for a sequel. Having watched part two, though, one wishes they left it at just one film.

“Killer Queen” starts two years after the first movie, and once again, Cole (Judah Lewis) is the main character. While he survived the deadly encounter from the first picture, though, and gained some confidence in the process, no one really believes him about what happened.

Now a high school student who doesn’t really fit in, Cole is having struggles, especially with no one trusting his word. He gets his chance to win over high school crowds, though, when he attends a lake party. Unfortunately, Cole soon finds out that some of his friends are in the same demonic cult that was featured in the first picture.

“The Babysitter” from 2017, was an alright horror comedy with a more unique concept that was great for a platform like Netflix. It’s a prototypical 3 out of 5 film.

The sequel, meanwhile, is a mess. It’s a familiar concept with a basic teen slasher  framework, with characters that are either recycled from the first film or forgettable new ones.

Using the same characters again from the first flick is clearly an attempt to capture the same charm that the first movie had, but the plot is so generic that it doesn’t go in any interesting directions. Fans of the original and people who enjoy horror flicks will equally be let down by this.

Courtesy Netflix and Wonderland Sound & Vision.

Probably the only real strong point going for “The Babysitter” sequel is its commitment to the gore. There are in fact a lot of bloody deaths here. Despite relying too heavily on CGI blood, genre fans who do check this one out will get at least some entertainment out of those moments.

That’s about all the praise this sequel deserves, though. Along with the story, “Killer Queen” lets down its viewers with the main characters. One of the big issues is the protagonist himself, Cole.

In sequels, one usually hopes for the protagonist to have become more mature, and keep the growth they picked up from the character arc from the first film. However, here, Cole basically regresses to being a character who can’t stand up for himself and has self confidence issues. The movie even goes so far as to have Cole wear an awkward looking suit the whole movie, as if to reinforce this.

The movie then has Cole go through the same motions as the first movie, except now he’s a high school student, rather than a middle school one. A disappointment.

Jenna Ortega, meanwhile, is wasted playing a character who was written as way too “alternative.”

Then there’s Emily Alyn Lind as Melanie, who’s basically trying to be this movie’s version of Bee who was the main antagonist from the first picture. Unfortunately, she doesn’t really succeed in the effort. The performers all around are trying here, but it’s clear they’re really limited by what the material offers.

The rest of the characters aren’t all that great, either. Bringing back other villains from the first movie felt lazy and the new ones aren’t much better. Sadly, Samara Weaving’s Bee, who helped power the first movie, is severely lacking in screentime, too.

This sequel is a disappointment. The first took horror comedy in a different direction, but this one feels all too by-the-books. It’s a real missed opportunity, and what’s revealed at the end is insulting to fans of the first and those who sat through the sequel. 1 out of 5.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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