10 Worst Movies of 2019

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to reflect. Specifically, it’s time to reflect on the the worst movies 2019 had to offer. From horror to romance, genres of all kind had some terrible films. Here are the worst I’ve seen.

Before the list, here are the flicks that were bad, but didn’t crack the top 10:

  • The Kitchen
  • The Hustle
  • Escape Room
  • The Good Liar

10. Hellboy


The idea around the new “Hellboy” adaptation seemed to be just throw in as many R-rated elements as possible and hope it works. The opening monologue about ancient times is full of F-bombs and modern slang. From there, audiences get to enjoy a lot of blood and gore in an over-long feature.

The story structure is terrible. There’s a random side quest in the first half where Hellboy hunts giants and new characters are introduced way too late in the story in the second half. Most of the performances are flat and the dialogue is awful. Even its highly touted rated R action is mostly forgettable.

9. Countdown


“Countdown” is such a generic, forgettable PG-13 horror flick. The film shoves in unnecessary sub-plots that made the film’s runtime feel bloated, as well as a couple of really annoying supporting characters.

Worst of all, though, is that it’s so damn boring. The whole premise of this feature is a countdown to when a person is going to die, but the deaths aren’t really shown, so the whole horror aspect is empty.

8. Dark Phoenix


The “X-Men” movie franchise has been a roller coaster with ups and downs. Unfortunately, “Dark Phoenix” was the latter. “Phoenix” is convoluted, inconsistent with other movies in the franchise, and offers a disjointed story where the filmmakers try to smash together two different plots. The Phoenix saga provides enough drama for a movie, that the whole alien subplot felt completely unnecessary.

The acting showed burnout with the franchise. Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender give phoned in performances and there were no other standouts.

7. Yesterday


“Yesterday” seemed perfect on paper. An Oscar winning director, a writer with several hits, and a concept full of possibilities, twists and turns. Unfortunately, the end result was rather ugly.

“Yesterday” is a movie that plays it safe, is full of cliches, and at the end of the day doesn’t really offer an audience any more than a below average rom-com. The comedy is eye-rolling, and there’s very little in terms of exploring how music by the Beatles would fair on today’s charts, or how the band’s own stylistic changes would be felt by the public.

Would some of the Beatles songs bomb in today’s day and age? Would the more psychedelic tracks be seen a different way? Who knows, the movie certainly didn’t look into this. The fact is, the band could’ve been swapped here with say, Rolling Stones or Queen. The movie doesn’t go into real impacts of pop culture or the rise and fall of an artist.

Everything here is focused on the romance between the two lead characters, but the drama in the relationship doesn’t really make sense considering there isn’t many roadblocks for them. It also doesn’t help that the relationship is made possible by a rather distasteful action in the third act.

What cemented this movie’s place in the worst list, though, was Kate McKinnon’s character. She’s a talented comedic performer, but her character was basically a cartoon character, she was totally unconvincing and downright annoying.

6. Where’d You Go Bernadette


Like “Yesterday,” “Where’d You Go Bernadette” was a movie with plenty of talent. Director Richard Linklater who made the wonderful “Before Sunrise” trilogy and recent solid flicks like “Last Flag Flying,” plus Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett and Oscar nominee Laurence Fishburne were here. With a good amount of artistic individuals, the film had potential.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be an infuriating experience. The movie is an absolute mess, from its pacing, to its tone and its characters. For most of the movie, Bernadette doesn’t even go anywhere.

The problem with this is it just baits the audience into waiting until the last straw comes down and forces Bernadette to leave in the first place, because the title says it’s going to happen. Another issue is that even with all of the hardships the movie tries to pile on the titular character, none of them feel all that insurmountable.

The third act is a joke. Bernadette’s husband and daughter go looking for her and the dialogue is maddening. Bernadette, meanwhile, just goes to a random, barren location and has an epiphany out of nowhere. It also doesn’t help that the the film wants to take on serious subjects like social anxiety and depression, and then offers scenes out of a screwball comedy. The tone is all over the place.

The main character herself is the worst part, though. The movie insists that Bernadette is suffering from a mental illness, but it looks more like she’s an annoying narcissist who got her feelings hurt. As a result, the ending’s attempt at being heartfelt came across as unearned.

5. Black Christmas


“Black Christmas” had one thing going for it, it tried something different. The film kept some of the framework of the original, using the college campus setting and the holiday season, but it was also its own thing. That’s the only praise it managed to get.

This was a disaster. “Black Christmas” had an absurd, poorly executed story, ham-fisted messaging, weak characters and poorly shot action. There are so many ridiculous moments that the film’s theme didn’t hold any weight. “Black Christmas” also suffered from a rushed climax and the fact that it wasn’t scary at all.

It also didn’t help that the characters range from annoying to unlikable. Almost everyone in the movie came across like caricatures.

4. Dumbo


The movie might be called “Dumbo,” but the little elephant isn’t the main character here, in fact he’s barely a side character. In the animated feature, Dumbo’s whole arc was about finding self confidence and eventually learning to fly.

In this live action adaptation, Dumbo simply learns to fly in the first act, because the movie’s not about him learning to fly, it’s about two kids’ relationship with their father, who’s at odds with an evil rich businessman. Not only does this remake spit on the original, it offers up dull, forgettable characters.

Human characters were the only ones here, too. Gone are the talking animals, so forget about seeing Dumbo’s friend and mentor Timothy Mouse here.

Instead there’s a trapeze artist character, Colette, who’s completely mishandled. She’s introduced late in the movie and doesn’t have much time to bond with Dumbo. The idea of Dumbo having a human character working at the circus and beyond isn’t a bad one, it could’ve been done in a way like “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Again, though, the movie isn’t about Dumbo, or even the trapeze artist. It’s about this dull family. Not helping the situation either, is the villain’s plot which makes no sense.

The worst offense of all, though, is how the film botches two iconic animated scenes. Both the Baby Be Mine and pink elephants moments are terrible in comparison to their animated counterparts.

3. Serenity


“Serenity” is a meandering, rudderless film that appears to be going nowhere for the majority of its runtime. Then, one of the most absurd plot twists is thrown into the mix causing the whole thing to implode.

The twist is not only laughable, it’s also internally inconsistent. On top of the ridiculous story, “Serenity” is also sunk by awkward and clunky dialogue. Had it not been for the twist, this would have been just an underwhelming thriller. But, the major turn ran this film off a cliff.

2. Replicas


“Replicas” was one of the first films I watched in 2019 and it remained on my worst list all the way through. The movie has a terribly paced and plotted story, with an exceptionally bad second act and an absurd twist in the third.

The picture also features an atrocious script and two weak performances from Thomas Middleditch and John Ortiz. Even the exploration of the lead character’s actions and the question of whether he was right or wrong are rather shallow here and there aren’t many consequences.

1.  After


None of the movies on this list even come close to how bad “After” was. No kidding on this, “After” is based off a novel which originated as a fanfiction about the band One Direction on the website Wattpad. That should be enough of a clue.

One of the first things noticeable about “After” is how, while it’s supposed to be set in college, it actually comes across much more like a high school drama. A bad high school drama. Many of the characters here get riled up over petty matters or whine about things that might be important to high schoolers, but most college age students would brush off.

In the third act, it’s revealed that part of the plot revolves around an immature game of Truth or Dare, it came across like something out of a 90s high school flick. What’s even worse, though, is the unconvincing dialogue. Nobody talks like how they talk here. “Monsters University” had a more accurate portrayal of college.

The characters are horrendous, too. The main character is supposed to be a goodie-two-shoes, but cheats on her boyfriend without much of a second thought.

Then there’s her love interest. The love interest in this picture is a generic, mysterious bad boy with an accent, and he comes across like a plank of wood. The guy lacks in personality or charisma, and spends his time doing nothing but spouting off lines from books he read and acting like a creep. There’s something he does in the first act that he deserved being arrested by campus security for.

The rest of the characters here are one-note, the script is terrible, the romance has no charm and the story is shallow. The film also goes on way too long and sappy pop songs are played way too much. This film was total trash.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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  1. Yesterday is currently on my worst list too because I was so jazzed for it and it just failed in nearly every single way. I’m still shocked Danny Boyle made that movie. Fortunately, that’s the only movie on your list I’ve seen. I missed the rest of this.

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