Halloween Horror Fest: Adventures in B-Movies Part 4

The last flicks for this Halloween Horror Fest will be on movies from the 2000s, so this is the final write-up featuring late 80s and early 90s films. Thankfully, one of these is an anthology!

Anthology movies are features with usually three to four separate stories, which may or may not tie together depending on who the filmmakers are. The next movie here is one where the stories are a little more loose.

Campfire Tales (1991)

“Campfire Tales” features a group of teens camping out in the woods and sharing scary tales. Their night seems fairly pedestrian until a man just passing through the area stops by and asks if they want to hear his stories. The story teller just so happens to be Gunnar Hansen, who starred as Leatherface in the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Most of the stories told in this rather low-budget flick are similar to urban legends. Case in point is the first story told, featuring a slasher escaping from custody who kills with a hook and attacks a couple at a lovers’ lane. It’s a classic story and very familiar to those who’ve heard urban legends, so it’s a treat to see it in a campy horror.

Other stories included here range from a drug that causes a decontamination virus to a horror tale about a being called Satan Claus who shows up around Christmas. As previously stated, quite campy stuff here, but it’s a fun balance of low-budget gore and dark comedy.

Happy Holidays.

Unfortunately the film crashes and burns with its final tale, a haunted pirate story. This last one is not only boring, but shot in a much more sterile and uninteresting way than its predecessors. At the very least, though, this one is somewhat worth a watch to see Hansen chew the scenery.

1.5 out of 3 urban legends.

The Chainsaw Massacre star himself.

Blood Nasty (1989)


So there’s a lot going on here, but here’s a small breakdown. There’s a character, Roy, who’s killed by thieves. His body is brought back to life. Roy is then possessed (somehow?) by a serial killer named Blade. Meanwhile, his mother is trying to collect his life insurance policy. Chaos ensues when Roy comes back home, as the mother can no longer collect the policy. As the movie goes along, Blade becomes controlling of Roy’s body and invites his crazy girlfriend to join the party.

Blood Nasty1
More effects like this please.

The movie is very low budget, but without the charm that some of the other movies I’ve talked about has had. The movie isn’t scary, and for a movie called “Blood Nasty” there’s very little blood, with nearly all the kills off screen. The movie is also not nearly as funny as it seems to think it is.

There are a few fun effects here shown in some moments that make the movie somewhat entertaining. But the attempts at humor are played in a more silly way than actually comedic making it just awkward and not too watchable.

1 out of 3 possessions.

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Author: Matthew Liedke

I'm a reporter for the Bemidji Pioneer in Minnesota, and I also have a passion for the art of film. This passion led me to start writing about film in 2008. From 2008-2016 I wrote pieces at my own website, After the Movie Reviews. Then, from 2016-May 2018, my write-ups were featured on AreaVoices, a blog network run by Forum Communications Company. Today, I write film reviews and other pieces here on Word Press. More about me: I'm a 2009 graduate of Rainy River College and a 2012 graduate of Minnesota State University in Moorhead. At MSU, I studied journalism and film. Outside of movies, I enjoy sports, video games, anime and craft beers.

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