Top 10 Worst Movies of 2016

The year of 2016 is coming to a close and while the past 12 months have certainly offered some cinematic gems, there have been some duds, too. So, here’s a list of the films that were the absolute worst to sit through.

10. Office Christmas Party

“Office Christmas Party” was a real pain to watch from start to finish. A comedy stuffed with predictable characters and attempts at humor that basically boil down to ‘look how crazy this party is.’ It wears thin so fast. There’s only so much raunchy junk you can throw at the screen before it starts becoming repetitive, especially when you have basically no wit to back it up. It’s a shame, too, since this cast included talented comedic performers such as Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston and Kate McKinnon.

9. Ice Age: Collision Course

The year 2016 has offered up some great animated pictures, such as “Zootopia,” “Kubo and the Two Strings” and “Moana.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with “Ice Age: Collision Course.” the picture has new characters who aren’t properly introduced or developed and a completely generic ‘child wants to leave home’ story with no surprises, making the movie as a whole feel like it was manufactured. Plus, one of the characters just had to have a ton of modern slang to ‘try to be hip,’ and it was immediately cringe-worthy.

8. The Mechanic Resurrection

What a change from the first film to its sequel. I actually enjoyed the 2011 “Mechanic” film, which was a solid action picture. Its sequel, on the other hand, isn’t on the same level. The picture has an incredibly rushed first act resulting in the main character’s motivation to seem questionable. Another issue in the picture is that whenever the main character is supposed to do his assassin work, his boss narrates everything that’s already being shown to the audience on screen. Additionally, the picture featured less than average acting from its leads.

7. 50 Shades of Black

“50 Shades of Black” was another entry in the recent line of bad parody flicks. Parodying something like “50 Shades” could’ve worked but so much of the humor is going for the lowest common denominator. Either it takes something that’s kind of funny and repeats it to the point where it goes on too long or it’s just gross out humor.

6. Passengers

If “Passengers” had been portrayed as a thriller about a stalker with an obsession who was driven somewhat crazy by being alone on a spacecraft, it might have worked. Unfortunately, the movie largely fell apart because Chris Pratt’s character, who’s alone on a ship, decides to wake up Jennifer Lawrence’s character, because he’s horny, and it’s all played up to be endearing. The film plays out to make it seem like this is a story of star-crossed lovers but the romance never sells and as a result, the movie crashes.

5. Independence Day: Resurgence

What a disappointment this was. I have been a longtime fan of the original “Independence Day,” enjoying it for the fun popcorn flick that it was. This movie, on the other hand, is heavily rushed, filled with meaningless sub plots, such as one with Judd Hirsch’s character, and the third act completely goes off the rails with an absurd development. Another issue was the terribly bland cast, such as Jessie Usher, Liam Hemsworth and Travis Trope. They were all rather dull resulting in characters that were hard to care about.

4. The Legend of Tarzan

“The Legend of Tarzan” started falling apart rather early. The flick offers nothing but a simple damsel in distress story coinciding with a ‘white savior’ trope. Plus, Alexander Skarsgard brings no energy, charisma or charm to Tarzan, with much of his delivery being dry. The film also squandered performers such as Christoph Waltz and Margot Robbie with shallow characters.

3. Assassin’s Creed

Another movie that didn’t make the most of its talent, this time including the likes of Academy Award winners Jeremy Irons and Marion Cotillard, Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender, Golden Globe nominee Brendan Gleeson and Emmy nominee Michael Kenneth Williams. Sadly, this movie includes almost zero character development and it’s so filled with techno babble and lore jargon that it forgets to have a compelling story.

2. God’s Not Dead 2

What happens when you make a movie with no substance or style and instead focus simply on a message? You get “God’s Not Dead 2.” This flick had so many problems, one of the major ones, though, is that the entire core conflict seems like it could have been resolved with a parent teacher conference. Then there are the subplots, such as one centered on a character played by David A.R. White, that feels completely shoehorned in to extend the run-time. Plus, the acting is weak and none of the characters actually seem like level headed people. Worst of all, there’s not a single ounce of nuance, middle ground or understanding between the ‘two sides’ depicted.

1. Gods of Egypt

“Gods of Egypt” was the first bad movie of 2016 and it remained the worst all the way until now. The story is entirely lazy, with its two lead characters just going from place to place surviving poor CGI action sequences. Then, there’s everything else. The acting feels forced and phoned in and the dialogue was just atrocious. All of that was on top of the completely absurd premises that this flick threw on screen, such as the god, Ra, played by Geoffrey Rush, living on a flying boat/space station shooting a magic flame thrower at a giant evil cloud.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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