Trainwreck review

Judd Apatow
Amy Schumer
Lebron James
Bill Hader
John Cena
Rated: R

In “Trainwreck,” Amy Schumer plays Amy (really a stretch), a good writer for a popular magazine who happens to live a promiscuous lifestyle. Her life begins to change, though, when she meets an athlete doctor named Aaron for an assignment.

After meeting for a few interviews, the two start to hit it off and for the first time, Amy seems to be able to hold on to a steady relationship. Old habits die hard, though, as Amy finds it difficult to leave her party lifestyle behind which results in some drama.

Director Judd Apatow’s films are usually not just straight comedies, but romantic dramas as well. “Trainwreck” is no different, as it balances humor with romantic tension and personal problems which often create for a movie with a little more depth. It’s one of the stronger aspects of Apatow’s filmmaking and is a welcome change from other romcoms that don’t aim very high.

At the same time, Apatow’s films have a tendency to run a little too long and the script seem to be punched up with extra vulgar humor just for the sake of it. Once again, “Trainwreck is no different.

While “Trainwreck” does contain plenty of laughs along with a good deal of insight into the strains of a relationship, it’s hard to ignore that the movie does have a higher runtime than it needed. The movie is just over two hours in length and there were definitely times when that runtime was felt.

On top of that, there were moments with some raunchy comedy that felt like they were put there just to make things a little more risqué for simply a cheaper laugh.
Starring in her first major role, Schumer, who was also the lead writer for the film and brings her in-your-face style of humor to the screen in a big way. Her character isn’t supposed to be the most likable, and Schumer certainly pulls this off with her dry wit. While her off-putting behavior is explained in the movie, though, once again it felt as if her character was a bit too extreme at some points.

Acting opposite of Schumer was Hader who played the intelligent, logical minded character who made a good contrast to Amy. Hader was really strong in “Trainwreck,” providing for a very real, straightforward performance that made for a believable character. On top of his comedic acting, the chemistry between him and Schumer works well.

Stealing the entire show, though, was shockingly the cameos and non-actors. Lebron James was absolutely hilarious in every scene he was in. After a few more NBA Finals, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a few more comedies. John Cena, playing a stereotypical muscle-bound guy, was also pretty strong (no pun intended), providing for some good humor in the first act. In a small cameo role, Daniel Radcliffe also brought some solid laughs.

“Trainwreck” explores some good relationship aspects, has legitimate funny moments and had pretty good performances. The long run-time and some over-the-top raunchy moments are aspects that bring the film’s rating down a peg. Solid 3 out of 5.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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