Top 10 Comic Book Movie Weapons

10. The Batarang – Batman Films
Throughout all of the “Batman” films, a few gadgets have stayed consistent, one is the grappling hook that helps the caped crusader get from A to B, and the other is the Batarang. From the animated films to the Nolan-verse, these bat shaped weapons have been the Dark Knight’s main tool for taking down bad guys. Surprisingly, the Batarang acts less like a boomerang and more like a shuriken throwing star.

9. Blade’s Sword – Blade Series
Like Batman, Blade has quite a few weapons in his arsenal for fighting off vampires, but few were as iconic in the movie series than his sword. Like Blade himself, the sword is simple, subtle but efficient and stylish and really fits his character. There’s nothing to flashy about the sword, but when Blade is wielding it like a pro, it’s one of the best weapons out there.

8. Hawkeye’s Bow and Arrows – Avengers Saga
Hawkeye was a bit outshined for most of the first “Avengers” movie, however, once he showed up during the Battle of New York City, he definitely left his mark with his advanced bow and arrows. It seemed like his arrows were ready for any situation, from one that could melt through metal and tear an alien cruiser in half to an explosive one that made the villain Loki crash in a heap. It also helps that Hawkeye has perfect aim.

7. Wolverine’s Claws – X-Men Series
Wolverine is like a double whammy. He already has his mutant ability to heal from practically any wound and he ages very slowly. On top of that, though, he has a nearly indestructible metal coating his entire skeleton and three razor sharp claws on both hands. While Wolverine hasn’t been shown to be the most skilled fighter in the movies, there’s no doubt that it’s exciting to watch him brawl and take down the bad guys with nothing but his claws. Probably nothing showcased that more than the mansion invasion in “X-2: X-Men United.”

6. Hellboy’s Right Hand – Hellboy Series
Hellboy may have a powerful gun and it does its fair share of damage in the franchise, however, his giant right fist is his signature tool for dispatching the bad guys. Referred to as the “Right Hand of Doom,” Hellboy’s stone fist make for some memorable right hooks in the series.

5. Doc Ock’s Mechanical Arms – Spiderman 2
The only villain’s weapon to appear on the list, Doc Ock’s four robotic arms made him one of Spiderman’s most dangerous foes in the second movie in the trilogy. The arms allow Doc Ock to climb buildings, move across New York City and go toe to toe with the webslinger and in some cases actually get the better of him. The arms were really represented in the movie too, with the special effects really being on point.

4. Iron Man’s Suit of Armor – Avengers Saga
What’s likely the most advanced piece of tech on this list, Iron Man’s armor is a whole load of gadgets and weapons loaded into one. Billionaire Tony Stark’s cool toy includes lasers that can slice through practically anything, missiles, flares and the signature repulsor rays which unleash powerful blasts of energy.

3. Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir – Avengers Saga
Mjolnir is cool enough as a combat hammer that Thor is able to bash enemies with, what makes it even better, though, is the ability for Thor to channel lightning with it. While it doesn’t always work (like when Iron Man just absorbed the lightning to further power his suit), most of the time, the lightning is a sure fire way to blast away opponents.

2. Captain America’s Shield – Avengers Saga
While shields are typically used for defense, Captain America goes full into offense with his. In Captain America’s latest adventure in “Winter Soldier,” the hero was a surgeon with the shield, using it to take down a fighter jet and throws it at the right angles to bounce off the walls to hit his opponents.

It also helps that the shield is nearly indestructible and is able to absorb any type of blow, including the likes of Thor’s powerful hammer. Cap has also been seen using it in team ups with Iron Man by reflecting the repulsor ray beams off the shield at enemies (Avengers).

1. Green Lantern Corps Power Ring – Green Lantern
Yes, the 2011 “Green Lantern” film with Ryan Reynolds was terrible. Yes it got a lot of things wrong. However, it still represented the Green Lantern’s weapon fairly well.

Green Lantern has always been one of my favorite superheroes because of the ring weapon. The idea that anything can be made to battle an opponent with a mere thought is fascinating and leaves so much open for possibilities. While the live action movie didn’t give it the best treatment, this weapon is still brilliant and its abilities are limitless.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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