Guardians of the Galaxy review

James Gunn
Chris Pratt
Zoe Saldana
Dave Bautista
Vin Diesel
Bradley Cooper
Lee Pace
Rated: PG-13

The best character of 2014 might just be a raccoon.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is Marvel Studios’ latest cinematic venture. However, this time around the audience is introduced to a whole new universe with a different set of characters from what people have come to expect in a Marvel film.

The movie follows Peter Quill (Pratt), or as he likes to call himself, Starlord. Quill is an intergalactic thief who steals an orb from what looks like ancient ruins. This puts him on a wanted list of a few dangerous people, including Gamora (Saldana), who works for the villainous Ronan, and a raccoon named Rocket (Cooper) who is being helped by a walking tree creature titled Groot (Diesel).

Through a series of events the group finds themselves meeting a criminal named Drax (Bautista), who wants revenge on Ronan. Deciding they all have something to gain from the orb Quill stole, they decide to team up to accomplish their goals.

Before getting into some of the more positives, the flaws should get knocked out first. Unfortunately “Guardians” has a pretty major flaw in its story department.

The fact is, much of it comes off as very cliche and uninteresting.

The plot line about finding an artifact, stopping a doomsday weapon, having the final showdown with a big explosive ship, it’s all very cookie cutter and the pacing could have been tighter.

It’s made worse by the fact that the villain in the film, Ronan played by Lee Pace is just so uninspired. He wants to get this weapon, destroy the world, but he carries no charm, wit or any real threatening atmosphere. In a world with so many unique characters, the villain felt very stock.

That being said, though, the main characters make this movie 100 percent worth a watch in the theater.

All five Guardians of the Galaxy are unique, have quirks and all have really good chemistry.

Starting off, Pratt is awesome as Peter Quill. He plays the character of the rogue outlaw with a sense of humor so well and embraces the role of being movie’s leading man.

The one who steals the show from Pratt, though, is Rocket, who had without a doubt the best lines in the whole flick. The animation team did a fantastic job in bringing the creature to life, and Cooper pulls off some great voice acting to make for a fully fleshed out, bad-ass creature.

Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista play the more stern characters in the picture, with Gamora being a hardened warrior and Drax taking everything, including jokes, literally. Both pull off their roles well, creating a nice back and forth with the more humorous characters Rocket and Quill.

Then there’s Vin Diesel as Groot. Despite only saying three words throughout the movie, Diesel was able to do the character justice by partnering up with the animation staff. Together, the two produce a creature with plenty of emotion.

Another part of the staff that brought it all together was the writers, as the dialogue in this picture is some of the best this year. There is so much banter between these characters and it produces a lot of laughs. This could very well be the funniest movie of the year.

Also making “Guardians” a fun ride was the use of music. Because the character Quill is originally from Earth and grew up in the ’80s listening to ’70s music, the soundtrack throughout the film is made up of solid classics, including “Hooked on a Feeling.”

The action in the film is OK. It’s fast paced and the final battle is quite the spectacle, however, it’s not the best of the Marvel movies. The flick could have benefited from a tracking shot like in “The Avengers” when it showed the entire team fighting at the same time, displaying their unique fighting styles all at once.

If it hand’t been for the acting and dialogue written to create the lead five characters, this movie would have been pretty poor based on its generic story and rather lame villain.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. The Guardians themselves breathe so much life into this film and watching them interact and go on this grand space adventure makes for a great, funny experience. This is what the 2011 “Green Lantern” movie should have been like. 4 out of 5.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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