Sex Tape review

Jake Kasdan
Cameron Diaz
Jason Segel
Rob Corddry
Ellie Kemper
Rob Lowe
Rated: R

Annie (Diaz) and Jay (Segel) are a married couple who seem to have lost the spark in their marriage. Now that they have kids, careers and other responsibilities, their sex lives have suffered. To get back to the type of relationship they had in college, Annie comes up with an idea. However, the morning after, the couple finds that the sex tape they made the night before was uploaded to a cloud network that is connected to multiple iPads. Because of this, the couple go on a search and destroy mission to eliminate all copies of the video.

“Sex Tape” is a movie that, as the story goes on, just meanders from scene to scene. Good comedies can get away with this usually with strong humor, and unfortunately, Sex Tape doesn’t have this. Despite being just over an hour and a half, the dullness of what’s happening makes it seem longer. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dumber, though, an antagonist is introduced in the third act and brings the movie into even more ridiculous antics that simply weren’t funny.

All the humor here goes for the lowest common denominator, from a lame joke about diarrhea to just prat falling all over the place. There’s even a part where Segel is chased by a dog which was more or less the same thing that happened in “Father of the Bride” (a better movie, by the way).

As far as characters go, neither lead was given that much to do in terms of clever dialogue or funny banter. While Diaz does her best with the material given, there simply isn’t enough for her to do. On the other side, though, Segel really just seems to play the sort of goofy guy we’ve seen before in his other films.

The side characters did raise the bar a little bit. Rob Corddry’s character had some funny moments and Rob Lowe provided a laugh or two. There was even a semi-funny, short appearance by Jack Black.

None of that is enough to save this picture, though. “Sex Tape” just doesn’t have very strong comedic material and never truly utilizes the humorous talents of its lead actors. 1 out of 5.

Author: Matthew Liedke

I'm a reporter for the Bemidji Pioneer in Minnesota, and I also have a passion for the art of film. This passion led me to start writing about film in 2008. From 2008-2016 I wrote pieces at my own website, After the Movie Reviews. Then, from 2016-May 2018, my write-ups were featured on AreaVoices, a blog network run by Forum Communications Company. Today, I write film reviews and other pieces here on Word Press. More about me: I'm a 2009 graduate of Rainy River College and a 2012 graduate of Minnesota State University in Moorhead. At MSU, I studied journalism and film. Outside of movies, I enjoy sports, video games, anime and craft beers.

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