Planes: Fire and Rescue review

Roberts Gannaway
Dane Cook
Ed Harris
Julie Bowen
Curtis Armstrong
Rated: PG

World Champion plane racer Dusty Crophopper (Cook) is living the perfect life.

He’s winning every match up and has everything he could want. Problems come around, though, when a key engine failure results in Dusty not being able to race anymore. Making matters worse, he soon learns that his hometown needs another firefighter to help protect the city. Dusty decides to become a firefighting plane and goes to train at a forest park under the tutelage of legendary helicopter Blade Ranger (Harris).

The movie “Cars” followed a young hot shot who had a lot of talent but had to learn some life lessons and new tricks from an old mentor if he wanted to be great. The first “Planes” followed a young hot shot who had a lot of talent but had to learn some life lessons and new tricks from an old mentor if he wanted to be great.

Being that this film comes in the same universe, it comes as no surprise that “Fire and Rescue” is more or less that same story.

The movie is an improvement over last year’s “Planes” in that it got rid of some of the more annoying characters and had a plot that did differ from your average sports/racing movie. The plot is just so predictable, though, that it really exposes the mediocrity of the movie.

It shines through even more when compared to other 2014 animated flicks like “The LEGO Movie,” “Peabody and Sherman” and “How to Train Your Dragon 2.”

At its core, “Fire and Rescue” isn’t trying to pull off a plot or have depth like some animated classics. It’s a simple hour and 20 minutes to entertain kids. In that regard, it does pull it off, it’s just that the movie doesn’t have much else to offer. A rental or matinee is fine for this one. 2 out of 5.

Author: Matthew Liedke

I'm a reporter for the Bemidji Pioneer in Minnesota, and I also have a passion for the art of film. This passion led me to start writing about film in 2008. From 2008-2016 I wrote pieces at my own website, After the Movie Reviews. Then, from 2016-May 2018, my write-ups were featured on AreaVoices, a blog network run by Forum Communications Company. Today, I write film reviews and other pieces here on Word Press. More about me: I'm a 2009 graduate of Rainy River College and a 2012 graduate of Minnesota State University in Moorhead. At MSU, I studied journalism and film. Outside of movies, I enjoy sports, video games, anime and craft beers.

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