A farewell to Spill.com

It’s an end of an era. It’s an end to a chapter in my life. It’s the end of Spill.com.

For those who don’t know what the site is, who have never heard of the site and never visited, let me inform you a bit on what Spill.com was.

Spill is, at least until the end of December, a website created by an Austin, Texas, based film critic named Korey Coleman. Coleman, along with four other Austin area film critics started working together well over six years ago and posted various content about film on the web.

The website included full length audio reviews and condensed video reviews. Additionally, the site also featured a number of fantastic podcasts that were informative about the film industry.

I first discovered Spill reviews in 2007 during my senior year of high school and from there on out, the site had a profound impact on my life. To put it simply, if it wasn’t for Spill, I don’t know if this site would exist. I had read and listened to other critics for some time but Spill was the first group of reviewers who were really relatable.

Their reviews were funny and informative, humorous and interesting. There was such a great balance, which allowed universal accessibility, from hardcore cinephiles to casual fans. Their reviews really made me believe in the idea of film criticism and what it could be, how it was something that everyone could really enjoy. That film criticism didn’t need to have an “elitist” feel to it.

That whole idea of what film criticism can be is what drove me to start After The Movie Reviews. It made me feel that I could take my love of movies and my love of writing in some type of direction, more so than any other film critic I had read or listened to before.

Without Spill, would I be a film critic today? Probably, but it may have taken me a longer while to start typing reviews out.

I always had a thought that the website wouldn’t last forever, however, there was a feeling that when Spill ended, it would be on the crew’s own terms. It would be a “moving on to bigger and better things” type situation where one leaves behind something for a brighter horizon.

That’s not what’s happening to Spill, though. Apparently, parent company Hollywood.com is pulling the plug.

It’s heartbreaking enough to see it go like that as a fan, I can’t imagine how much more difficult it is for those who poured so much time and effort into it.

With all of it coming to a close, I just want to thank the Spill.com crew. I want to thank them for the knowledge about film they gave me, which actually helped me in some of my film classes in college. I want to thank them for the inspiration they gave me to be a film critic.

Most of all I want to thank them for the memories and the laughs. Many of the reviews and podcasts were always there to make my day better.

I wish everyone who worked at Spill.com nothing but the best. They have earned it 100 time over.


Since Spill ended, staff members have started reviews and other entertainment-related content at two websites:

One Of Us

Double Toasted

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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