Young Adult review

Jason Reitman
Charlize Theron
Patton Oswalt
Patrick Wilson
Rated: R

For the record, I’ve never called Minneapolis the “MinnyApple.”

Young Adult is the latest film from “Up in the Air” director Jason Reitman. The movie follows Mavis Gary (Theron), a book writer living in Minneapolis who has had most of her success from writing teen novels. However she is unhappy with her life and has become a heavy drinker.

Upon being updated on an old high school romance, Mavis decides to go back to her small home town and try to reconnect with her old boyfriend even though he is married. During her time there she meets up with some of the other people from the town and learns what other people have done with their lives.

I think the trailers for this film have been a bit misleading. After seeing the trailers, I went in expecting a “Bad Teacher”-esqe comedy. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the film is more of a character study of someone suffering from depression. It was an interesting take on a type of person who most people know.

The strongest part of the film is with out a doubt Charlize Theron who brings a strong performance as Mavis. Her character had a lot more going on in her head than just being pissed off at the world. One could make the case that the character Mavis needs psychiatric help and Theron does a good job portraying this character.

I really liked the rest of the cast too. Patrick Wilson plays his part exactly how it should be, having him noticeably have no interest in Mavis anymore at all which really makes Mavis seem like she has problems. Patton Oswalt as the character Matt is fine too, having a good level of chemistry in working with Theron.

This is the first time I can actually say that I enjoyed the writing of Diablo Cody for a film. The last two films she wrote were “Juno” and “Jennifer’s Body,” both of which I had major problems with the dialogue in. With this movie the dialogue has traces of Cody’s style however I found it to be much improved and more believable.

The ending of the film seemed to be a problem for most of the people at the showing I went to however I think most in that audience were expecting a different film. While this does have some dark humor, it’s not a straight up comedy. I keep thinking people went in expecting the Cameron Diaz character from her latest film but that’s just not what this is.

Once knowing what kind of film it is I don’t think the ending is all that bad, especially considering the plot.

“Young Adult” isn’t perfect however it is interesting to watch. The acting is nice, especially from Charlize Theron who makes for a great lead, and in a film that’s based on the life of one character, that’s an important thing to have. It’s on the lower end of a 4 out of 5.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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