Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol review

Brad Bird
Tom Cruise
Paula Patton
Simon Pegg
Jeremy Renner
Rated: PG-13

The latest installment of the “Mission Impossible” franchise once again follows the agents of IMF. In the film, Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is called upon by the IMF to stop Russia’s nuclear arsenal from falling into the wrong hands. However the villain Ethan and his team are hunting frames them for a disaster causing the IMF to be disbanded.

That’s not entirely true, though, as the Secretary of Defense informs Ethan that he and his team can go into “ghost protocol” and still go on their mission to stop nuclear war. The team then get’s together, joined by some new members, and travels the world tracking down the villain to the Middle East where they must infiltrate a couple different high security places.

The plot of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol feels very familiar and doesn’t step too far outside of bounds in terms of the cliches of a spy film. That being said, it still works really well. The action in the film is fast paced, loud, exciting and above all else suspenseful.

This makes the movie engaging from beginning to end, especially during the climax. And while the story is familiar, the writing is tight. Along with the action providing tension, it comes together for a great time at the theater.

The way the cast handled their characters was great, with many returning from previous installments. Tom Cruise has the spy character Ethan nailed after playing him in four movies now. Simon Pegg was also fantastic as the tech savy Benji, providing witty comic relief, without over doing it.

I also liked Jeremy Renner. Slated for next year’s “Avengers’ film, Renner pulled off the role of a new spy that made a great contrast to Cruise’s Hunt. They’re both spies with tremendous skill, however, they don’t always see things eye-to-eye.

One of the downsides about “Ghost” was the villain. Mission Impossible 3 had a fantastic villain in Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was one of the parts which made that movie great. This time around the villain, while still being a major threat, simply didn’t have much of a memorable screen presence.

As previously stated, this movie has plenty of action and it’s one of the big highlights. The entire part of the mission that took place in Dubai was a total thrill. The scene where Ethan has to climb up the side of sky scraper with some of the gadgets that Benji provides is heart-pounding and the chase scene that follows through a sandstorm is wildly exciting.

The film isn’t exactly perfect all around, however, the main things that it wanted to do well turned out fantastic. The action scenes will keep you into the film all the way through despite some flaws here and there. 4 out of 5.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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