REVIEW: ‘Megamind’

Tom McGrath
Will Ferrell
Brad Pitt
Tina Fey
Jonah Hill
David Cross
Rated: PG

Megamind is the latest film from the Dreamworks Animation Studio which has had a busy year with How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek 4, and now this. Megamind (Ferrell) follows the title character who is an alien from a planet that was destroyed. Now living on Earth, he plans to conquer it after growing up in a prison. At the same time, another alien from a nearby planet that was destroyed also lives on Earth and has become its protector, his name is Metro Man (Pitt). Their battles continue on until finally Megamind does what even he thought was impossible, to eliminate Metroman.

After this, Megamind feels everything is going his way after getting rid of his enemy, but he soon learns that it’s no fun being a villain without an adversary. So, he decides to make a new hero, Titan, from the local news cameraman played by Jonah Hill. At the same time, Megamind takes the appearance as a Metroman researcher and starts a relationship in his disguise with the ‘Louis Lane’ character of the film Roxanne Ritchi (Fey). Things start to get out of hand though when Titan doesn’t make for the best hero.

One of the taglines to the film was “the superhero movie will never be the same,” but it doesn’t really live up to this.

The film’s story isn’t all that original, for example it has the same bad guy becomes good premise that was also used in this year’s “Despicable Me.” That being said, though, the movie’s story is well executed. The film fleshes out Megamind’s initial upbringing, his war against Metroman, and his character arc in changing. The transition is actually believable and well done. This animated picture actually carried some heart.

Megamind and the supporting characters really make the flick fire on all cylinders. Megamind, for example, is a really fun protagonist, balancing being a cynical villain and naive person who doesn’t understand social engagement. His helper, Minion, also offers some really fun banter and at times its almost like watching a buddy-adventure movie.

The character Roxanne was also fun, being a solid skeptic to Megamind’s hammy villainy, but not doing so to the point where she becomes annoying.

The only character a little lacking was Titan. Not only was Jonah Hill’s voice instantly recognizable, taking me out of the movie a bit, but the character was almost a bit too mean spirited for what the film was trying to sell.

The animation looked fantastic in the film, everything crisp, clear and well rendered. It especially made for some great action scenes, especially towards the end.

Overall, Megamind is a great film. Some of the humor, especially pop culture references, didn’t really work, but it’s still solid. 4 out of 5.

Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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